We offer the market a complete range of high quality steam traps. Your application decides which model fits best and we help you choose. Good prices and fast deliveries are usually a plus in the decision-making process.

Shut-off valves

We primarily handle shut-off valves adapted for steam and condensate systems. Cone valves with bellows seal and ball valves are the most used. We know what the process requires and choose valves accordingly.

Control valves for pressure and temperature

Self-acting, electrically controlled or pneumatically controlled valves for regulating pressure or temperature. Regardless of technical data, we have a solution. We are happy to help with dimensioning and selection of products.

Condensate pumps

Steam-powered condensate pumps for transporting condensate. Can be delivered as a complete module incl. Tank (with connections for condensate inlet, inlet and width drain), pump and required valves.

Safety valves – Safe safety valves adapted for steam systems. Delivered adjusted and tested with the correct opening pressure.