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Quality and durability

Business policy

Steambox provides products, services and service for the steam consuming industry.

  • Our goal is for our customers to receive positive, correct and professional treatment in every contact with our company
  • All employees must act based on our ambition, to constantly improve our way of working in customer relations
  • Steambox works with leading manufacturers within each product group so that our quality and environmental goals can be achieved.
  • Steambox must always comply with current legislation and other requirements and have a great commitment to the environment
  • We work to, among other things, transport and technical system solutions take place with the lowest possible environmental impact, as well as prevention of pollution.
  • Quality must be a watchword. Our customers must always have the right product, in the right place at the right time

ISO certified, a guarantor

Steambox is ISO certified according to 14001 and 9001, which certifies that we have been audited and meet the requirements for the sale, construction, manufacture and service of electric steam boilers.